About Aref Medical Imaging Center

This center is established in 2001 in Mashhad , Iran.

It is the first of its kind with modern medical imaging equipments. Thousands of patients have recieved medical imaging services at this center.

Patients  from Mashhad, and all over the country specially those who come to Mashhad as pilgrims of the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad,  and also from other neighbouring countries in the past 15 years.

This center is trusted by all physicians and specialists in the city and country and other neighbouring countries.

The medical reports from this center are famous for their accuracy and comprehensiveness and being professional.

There are 12 specialist physicians working in this center who have been trained in local and the US and European medical institutions. There are about 80 nurses and technicians and administrative personnel who are professional and experienced in their treatment of the patients and delivery of medical imaging services.

Providing professional and quick services to the patients with convenience is the specialty of this center.

The cost of services in this center are all under the supervision and according to the tarrifs of the related agencies including the Ministry of Health of Iran.

Hope you’ll have a pleasant experience with this center.

Dr. Mehdi Sedaghati